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Lakeville Family Chiropractic & Rehab

Chiropractor Lakeville, MN

At Lakeville Family Chiropractic and Rehab, we believe that each doctor and patient become a team for treating an individual's chiropractic problems. Our chiropractors spend most of their time listening to understand your concerns and responding with the best treatment options for you. With the help of our professional staff, they also follow up to make sure that problems are resolved and your health improves.

We want our patients to be informed about muscle, bone, joint and connective tissue concerns and treatments, because informed patients make better decisions about their health and well being. That is why we've included a section on this website covering common topics associated with chiropractic care. We encourage you to look through these pages whenever you have an interest or concern related to chiropractic health.

We also know that convenience is important to your selection of a chiropractor. In these web pages you'll find information about Lakeville Family Chiropractic and Rehab's office, including our location, maps, directions, hours, insurance policies and appointment scheduling. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have or to request an appointment. We hope you'll find our practice offers the accessibility and personal commitment you look for from a chiropractor.

Welcome and thanks for visiting the home page of Lakeville Family Chiropractic and Rehab, your one-stop shop for learning about what chiropractic is and what it can do for you. Featuring the "Pro Adjuster" a painless, yet accurate computer analysis and instrument to correct your spine. We are also very happy to have added to our clinic a Rehab Dept. featuring the DTS Therapy (Decompression Therapy System). It can be very helpful with disc problems, referring pain down arms or legs in addition to other problems. Athletes will and have praised our Graston Technique which helps with muscle problems. This new technique is being used by most professional sports teams. We also have Laser Light therapy which helps with migraines, and a variety of health conditions. Please take a few minutes to browse our site, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our mission at Lakeville Family Chiropractic and Rehab is to support as many people as possible in their quest for health & to educate them about Chiropractic so they may in turn, educate others.

Our office offers a lot of Technology. We now offer Kinesio Taping, Spinal Disc Rehabilitation, Graston, low light Lasers, Pro-Adjusters, and Nutrition.


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